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What makes us professional is the superior sense and solid experience. What makes us different is the patience to listen and the sincerity from heart to people.

Be Brave to Explore.

Our name - Assembly - has 2 meanings. One is the gathering of different people, another one is the assembling of different components together and makes it works. Both meanings well described our job nature.

We are a happy team consisted of creative designers, skillful developers, marketing experts and project manager who deliver powerful works. Strong passion, good manner and perfectism on minors are what we always proud of. We believe humble and patient are the keys to befriend clients, and only by carefully listening and passionately thinking may lead to the best solutions. Our team shares the same belief that sincerity is always the key to develop every client into long-term partnership.

The core culture in Assembly is about exploration and responsibility. Staffs are often encouraged to meet new people and learn new skills, because extensive observation and contribution to the society are the keys to spark creativities in order to keep up with the industry growth. On the other hand, our colleagues should be specially responsible. There has no perfect result and accidents can always happen, but a responsible person never cease to achieve better outcome. This tough spirit brings the whole company overcome challenges and obstacles from time to time, and made us able to compete against rivals in the industry.

Assembly maintains service quality by examining every project carefully and seek for the most suitable design and solutions. We never overtake tasks that we think it is too tough, but once we accepted employment, we always work our best to the end.

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